Clinical placebo-controlled study proves the effectiveness of the Antinitus tinnitus patch

Antinitus tinnitus patch Placebo study

The Swedish tinnitus patch, Antinitus, has undergone a clinical, placebo-controlled study, the results of which prove the positive effect of the tinnitus treatment.

The tinnitus patch Antinitus breaks new ground in the treatment and research of tinnitus, an illness that causes a chronic buzzing sound in the ears and affects millions of people around the world. The results of Sensori’s clinical placebo study of the effects of Antinitus are now being published in the internationally renowned journal “The International Tinnitus Journal”. The results of the study show significant and statistically assured positive effects of the patch for the relief of tinnitus. The result for the group that were treated with Antinitus were significantly better than the results for the placebo group. The study also confirms that Antinitus is safe and without any risk of serious complications or side effects.

The placebo study is part of Antinitus’ clinical development programme. A study group consisting of 82 participants with tinnitus took part in the study during 2016/2017 with the purpose of comparing the clinical effect of the tinnitus patch Antinitus with placebo. The study was carried out by physicians at the Sickla ENT-centre in Stockholm and the Citysjukhuset hospital in Gothenburg. The treatment period was three weeks with a follow-up four weeks after the treatment was completed.

Result and conclusions of the study

  • The group treated with Antinitus reported a significant and statistically better result than the group treated with placebo.
  • The study also confirms that Antinitus is a safe treatment method. The side effects were few, minor and transient and were primarily skin irritations equivalent to those caused by the placebo patches used in the study.

The publication in The International Tinnitus Journal” means that the placebo study has been critically reviewed by leading and independent scientific experts in the field of tinnitus. The result and the review of the study are positive news for all the people around the world who are living with tinnitus. With Antinitus, they can choose a solution and treatment that show good opportunities for relief and hence an increased quality of life ‘, says Torbjörn Kemper, Managing director of Sensori AB.

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About Antinitus
Antinitus® is a Swedish innovation in the form of a crescent-shaped patch that can relieve the discomfort of tinnitus. The skin-friendly patch is applied behind the ear and is very easy to use. The treatment period is three weeks and the patch is replaced every day for hygienic reasons. The patch releases no substances or medications and one can live a completely normal life during the course of treatment.

Published in The International Tinnitus Journal

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