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These customer reviews are based on the experiences of some of our customers and may vary from one person to another.


‘Moments of silence’

“I wouldn’t have believed it but these patches have really helped my tinnitus; finally I’m able to get a few moments of silence, and now my tinnitus is causing me much less distress. It’s a real relief and I can heartily recommend these patches.”

/ Fabrice, Vitrolles, France

‘Noise free’

“Thank goodness for this product. I have ringing, well actually it’s like morse code playing, in one ear. After trying many pills and potions to get relief I came across Antinitus patches online and decided to try. After using this product my problem has reduced considerably and at present I’m noise free.

Many thanks Antinitus, and carry on the excellent work.”

/ Sandy, United Kingdom

‘The ringing is astonishingly diminished‘

“Dear Antinitus AB. Since having a stroke two years ago, I’ve been left with tinnitus, or ringing in my ears. Nothing has helped up to this point.

I tried your Antinitus Ear Patches since I was willing to try anything for an attempt at relief. One month later, I find that the ringing is astonishingly diminished, almost non existent.

I would highly recommend this product for anyone with this condition to receive some welcomed relief!”

/ William D

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‘Reduced the ringing’

“After beginning my 21 day trial of Antinitus, I found great relief almost at once! It began with a warm, calming feeling around my ear, and then greatly reduced the constant ringing so much so that I didn’t notice it! I will purchase some more soon. Thank you so much!”

/ David, Melbourne, Australia

‘Silence for the first time in years’

“The improvements that the patches have given me are amazing. The first time I used them I had silence for the first time in years, it was bliss.”

/ Marie, Glasgow, United Kingdom

‘The noise has decreased greatly’

“The Antinitus patches has a very positive success with me: whistling noises have completely disappeared and the noise has decreased greatly to a tolerable level.”

/ Bernhard, Oberursel, Germany

‘Quality of life (sleep) is much better’

“Thanks to Antinitus, after using 3 treatments the quality of life (sleep) is much better”

/ Tan William, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

‘It might not work for everyone‘

“When I first developed tinnitus suddenly in November 2009 in my right ear the level of the noise was very low and intrusive and of course very distressing. I spent money on healers and various people who claimed they could help. Having said that, my tinnitus was diagnosed as a stress related condition by an ENT specialist and my hearing was diagnosed as normal.

When I saw the patches advertised on Facebook I decided it was a last resort as nothing else had helped me. After using one course of patches I used another one after a couple of weeks, during this time I noticed for the first time that there had been occasions when I hadn’t even noticed the ringing in my right ear when shopping or in a noisy environment. Before using the patches my tinnitus was so loud I’d been aware of it in Heathrow airport over all the noise of a big airport when flying to Australia in 2010. So using the patches has definitely reduced the intensity to a more acceptable level and sometimes completely forgotten for short periods of time.

The other thing I would like to add, is that the support team at Antinitus have been amazing, always at the other end of an email, asking questions, advising and being very supportive. They don’t claim to cure this distressing condition, but what they do is to advise, support and in my own case reduce the loud ringing in my ear. It might not work for everyone, but in my own case the patches have given me relief and emotional support.

Thank you to all the team at Antinitus for helping me.”

/ Liz Weatherley, United Kingdom

‘It changed my life’

“I can only tell everyone please to try those patches out. I don’t know if they are working for everyone but it is worth it. At last, after 20 years of very aggressive ringing from gun shots in the army, the noise has been reduced and I feel more happier and confident than ever. Before I was getting depressed for not following others conversations. It changed my life and I hope other ones as well. The price is nothing when you see the result. Like every medicine doesn’t work for every patient the same is with this product.”

/ Andreas, Perth, Australia

‘The best tinnitus product I have tried’

“Hi Everyone, I just finished the 21 day treatment and can safely say this is the best tinnitus product I have tried, seriously reduced the noise in the center of my head. I know it is not a cure but it is very effective!”

/ John, Dublin, Ireland

‘Now I am sleeping 8 hours per night’

This is my second treatment and Antinitus has again begun to relieve my very severe tinnitus. This time it took longer than the first (when I stupidly did not renew my order) – 6 weeks this time to begin working but I did not give up and I was eventually suddenly rewarded again by a massive reduction of the ringing in my right ear.

Now I am sleeping 8 hours per night rather than the 4 hours max I have slept for the last 30 years!

/ Simon, Kent, United Kingdom

‘Some relief from the ‘noise’’

After trying the patches I do not have too much ‘noise/buzzing’ in my ear. While wearing the patches it was nice to have some relief from the ‘noise’.

/ Alexia, Norwich, United Kingdom

‘Thanks for the relief’

I am 81 years young and have had tinnitus for many years. My father also had tinnitus for many years. He was musical and could hear the tinnitus by musical decimals. I can not, but my tinnitus was two tones. After using this incredible product I have only one quieter lower pitch sound. It’s now been four weeks since I last used a patch and it has stayed the same, one pitch, better than the two tone.

So yes I will try the patches again to see if even more control can be gained. If not it’s still far better than before I started the course . Thanks for the relief I have received so far.

/ Colin, Leeds, United Kingdom

‘Almost no tinnitus for over 12 months’

It has been a great improvement, almost no tinnitus for over 12 months, unfortunately it has come back with a vengeance the last couple of weeks, I am 88 years young, I have reordered an other course and I hope it will help.
Thank you.

/ Patrick, Yandina Queensland, Australia

‘The ringing is not as loud’

Since the treatment the ringing is not as loud and it has improved. Now when I am in a public house I can hear the conversation with my friends.

/ Linda, Sunderland, United Kingdom

‘The nights are completely quiet for the moment’

At present I hear only faint noises every now and again, but they don’t disturb me, and the nights are completely quiet for the moment. If a ringing sound does occur, I listen to meditative music using headphones.

/ Bernhard, Oberursel, Germany
*Disclaimer: Antinitus Patches can ease tinnitus symptoms and according to clinical studies more than 50% of Antinitus users experienced relief from their tinnitus symptoms. These customer reviews are based on the experiences of some of our customers and may vary from one person to another. Read more



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