Our mission

Our mission is to provide silence for everyone, but we are not there yet. Tinnitus is very complex and varies from one individual to the next. However, we do know that the Antinitus patch can help relieve discomfort for many people, and we are striving to help even more. That is why we have developed the Antinitus patch, a product that provides relief for people who experience discomfort from tinnitus.*

Again, tinnitus is a highly subjective experience, with various causes and which manifests itself in a number of ways. We do not think tinnitus should be a sentence of life long suffering for anyone, so we will continue our quest to help all of those who are still searching for a solution.

*The effects may vary, according to clinical studies 30-50% experience relief.

How it started

15 years ago, a research team from Sweden conducted research on how to increase the life cycle of food products by stabilizing cell tissue through phototherapy. One of those involved in this research who suffered from tinnitus decided to test how the light wave therapy worked on himself, as there was no other effective help available. The test yielded positive results and the development of Antinitus patches was initiated.

The patch can be described as a lens that aligns water molecules into a more organized pattern. The effect is similar to a low-intensity laser treatment. Exactly how the Antinitus patch affects the auditory system at cellular level has not yet been fully clarified. Read more

Antinitus AB is a subsidiary of Sensori AB (publ) and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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How does Antinitus work?

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What is tinnitus?

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Antinitus tinnitus treatment patch

Quality Policy

Antinitus AB develops and delivers easy-to-use and effective medical devices that will increase quality of life for the general public.*

Our products will meet our customer’s requirements, demands and expectations on product quality, effect and lead time. Antinitus AB and our medical devices will also meet applicable regulatory demands at any given time. To achieve this, Antinitus AB will assure that all staff and associates are well informed of these requirements and dedicated to the task of fulfilling them. By continuous surveillance of our customers feedback and by identifying potential improvements, Antinitus strives to run a business that constantly increases our customer’s satisfaction and confidence in our products.

*The effects may vary, according to clinical studies 30-50% experience relief.

Code of Ethics

Our business is focused on research and development aimed at providing quality-improving products and technologies in the medical device field.


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