Introducing the Antinitus patch

Antinitus is a Swedish, CE registered medical device class 1 patch, made for tinnitus relief.

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Antinitus tinnitus treatment box

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How Antinitus works

The patch contains a unique raster – a patented lens that creates an organized signal, which is expected to, directly or indirectly, regulate nerve functions in the auditory system to relieve discomfort from tinnitus.

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The treatment

Apply the almost invisible Antinitus patch behind your ear.

The lightwave treatment period is three weeks, during which the patch should be replaced every day.

Over 50% report symptom relief after the first treatment, and studies have shown that the effect can increase over time.*

*The effects may vary, according to clinical studies more than 50% experience relief.

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Clinically evaluated by scientific studies

Antinitus is currently registered as a medical device patch with the CE mark within the European Union, and has been shown to be clinically effective and safe.*

*The effects may vary, according to clinical studies more than 50% experience relief. Studies: Aktin I and Aktin II.

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How it started

Antinitus was born when one of the founders tried to find a way to relieve the discomfort of his own tinnitus.

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Customer reviews

We are proud to have helped a lot of people reduce their discomfort of tinnitus.** Listen to some of their stories:

“Relief at last”

“As an audiologist and amateur musician I care a great deal about my hearing. Following one particularly loud concert, I was affected by tinnitus. The rushing noise disturbed me throughout every waking hour. An ear, nose and throat specialist suggested that I should try a new tinnitus patch.

To my surprise and joy, the symptoms improved after a week’s treatment and disappeared entirely after two months. I recommend everyone with tinnitus to try a treatment period with these tinnitus patches”**

– Annika Hedenström, Registered Audiologist, Din Hörsel, Nacka, Sweden

“Reduced the ringing”

“After beginning my 21 day trial of Antinitus, I found great relief almost at once! It began with a warm, calming feeling around my ear, and then greatly reduced the constant ringing so much so that I didn’t notice it!

I will purchase some more soon. Thank you so much!”**

– David, Melbourne (Australia)

“Noise free”

“Thank goodness for this product. I have ringing, well actually it’s like morse code playing, in one ear. After trying many pills and potions to get relief I came across Antinitus patches online and decided to try. 

After using this product my problem has reduced considerably and at present I’m noise free. 

Many thanks Antinitus, and carry on the excellent work.”**

 – Sandy 

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** These customer reviews are based on the experiences of some of our customers and may vary from one person to another.

* Disclaimer: Antinitus Patches can ease tinnitus symptoms and according to clinical studies more than 50% of Antinitus users experienced relief from their tinnitus symptoms. The effects can vary from one individual to the next. Read more.

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