Introducing the tinnitus patch Antinitus

Antinitus is a Swedish, CE registrered medical device class 1 patch, made for tinnitus relief.


A treatment with Antinitus does not have to affect your daily life.


According to clinical studies more than 50% experience relief.

Clinically evaluated

According to clinical studies more than 50% experience relief.

How Antinitus works

The patch contains a raster that creates an organized signal, which is expected to regulate the auditory system.

How it started

Antinitus was born when one of the founders tried to find a way to treat his own tinnitus.

What is tinnitus

Tinnitus is a complex condition, where the cause and experience are highly subjective.


"The antinitus patch is a product that can ultimately give tinnitus patients a more lasting relief of the symptoms"*

Dr. Peter Åhnblad - ENT Senior Consultant Head of Stockholm-Sickla Ear, Nose and Throat Center, Sweden.

* The effects may vary, according to clinical studies more than 50% experience relief.

CEO, Hearing Plus Audiology, Nelson New Zealand

Sophie den Breems

"For years, we have been searching for an effective treatment for tinnitus for our clients, without much success. Finding Antinitus has now allowed us to provide clients with an additional and effective tool to treat this condition."

Principal Audiologist & Co-Director, Affordable Hearing, Australia

Dylan Deinert

"Tinnitus affects a good proportion of my clients. Having used Antinitus patches myself I have now started to recommend them to my clients. While no single approach is successful for everyone it's great to have another tool, which is TGA approved now in Australia, to assist people with tinnitus relief."

Audiologist & Operations Manager, Bra Hörsel-Starkey, Sweden

Elisabeth Sjöberg

"Many of our customers suffer from tinnitus; some of them have a hearing impairment while others have normal hearing. We know that the causes are often complex and the more treatment options we have on offer, the more people we can help.”

Fabrice, Vitrolles, France

’Beneficial effect’

”I did not believe it but these patches had a beneficial effect on my tinnitus, with complete temporary disappearance. I strongly advise this product.”

Marie, Glasgow, United Kingdom

’Silence for the first time in years’

"The improvements that the patches have given me are amazing. The first time I used them I had silence for the first time in years, it was bliss."

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* These customer reviews are based on the experiences of some of our customers and may vary from one person to another.

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