The tinnitus patch Antinitus – soon at audiology clinics and pharmacies in New Zealand

Antinitus AB has signed an agreement for the distribution and sale of the tinnitus patch Antinitus with Tinnitus Relief NZ Ltd, based in New Zealand. The partnership means that those who suffer from tinnitus will be able to buy the Antinitus patch at pharmacies, in drugstores and/ or directly from audiologists in New Zealand in the near future. The tinnitus patch is registered with New Zealand’s Health Authority and is expected to be physically on the market in New Zealand from March 2017.

Tinnitus Relief NZ Ltd is a company specialising in tinnitus. They also manage online sales through their web shop Tinnitus Relief Store. The company will regularly process pharmacies, physicians and audiologists who come in to contact with tinnitus patients.

– We see a bright future for Antinitus and hope to be able to replace some of the current treatment options here in New Zealand with the Antinitus patch, says Sophie den Breems, CEO at Tinnitus Relief NZ Ltd.

The local patient organisation NZ Tinnitus and the Hyperacusis Support Network have pointed out that there are 5-600,000 people with tinnitus in New Zealand.

About Antinitus
Antinitus® is a Swedish innovation in the form of a crescent-shaped patch that can relieve the discomfort of tinnitus. The skin-friendly patch is applied behind the ear and is very easy to use. The treatment period is three weeks and the patch is replaced every day for hygienic reasons. The patch releases no substances or medications and one can live a completely normal life during the course of treatment. Clinical studies in Sweden show that at least 50% experience relief of their tinnitus discomfort and without the risk of serious side effects.

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