Hearing centre partners with Antinitus


The Swedish hearing centre, Bra Hörsel, becomes a retailer of Antinitus tinnitus patch in Sweden. Following the summer 2017, Bra Hörsel will open a hearing centre, specialising in tinnitus, in Antinitus premises in central Stockholm. The tinnitus patch, which is a Swedish innovation, will also be sold in Bra Hörsel’s other hearing centres in Gothenburg and Stockholm, as well as on their website www.brahorsel.se and online shop www.earstore.se.

Antinitus is the world’s first patch for tinnitus treatment and an extensive, global launch is currently underway. Stockholm will now finally join the list of cities that offer the product at a number of hearing centres, along with consulting by audiologists.

– Bra Hörsel is our first choice when it comes to partners and retailers in Sweden. Their expertise in hearing and tinnitus is excellent and they work with some of Sweden’s foremost audiologists, says Tommy Rönngren, founder and acting CEO of Antinitus AB.

People of all ages come to Bra Hörsel to try out hearing aids, get aids for their workplace, and to get individually adapted hearing protection. Many of those visiting Bra Hörsel also suffer from tinnitus and come to seek relief. Tinnitus is a complex condition with many causes; therefore, Bra Hörsel offers a range of treatment options to help as many as possible.

– At Bra Hörsel, we have a great interest in tinnitus and the suffering is often causes. We see it as a natural step in our tinnitus treatment to offer Antinitus tinnitus patch, both at our centres and through our web shop Earstore. After the summer, we will also open a hearing centre in central Stockholm, specialising in tinnitus, says Elisabeth Sjöberg, registered audiologist and CEO of Bra Hörsel.

According to the parent company Sensori’s own assessment, more than 500 million people globally experience discomfort from tinnitus.

About Antinitus
Antinitus® is a Swedish innovation in the form of a crescent-shaped patch that can relieve the discomfort of tinnitus. The skin-friendly patch is applied behind the ear and is very easy to use. The treatment period is three weeks and the patch is replaced every day for hygienic reasons. The patch releases no substances or medications and one can live a completely normal life during the course of treatment. Clinical studies in Sweden show that at least 50% experience relief of their tinnitus discomfort and without the risk of serious side effects.

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