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Tinnitus Relief

  • Clinically proven medical
    device patch to treat tinnitus
  • Quick and convenient 21-day
  • Order the EU registered
    Antinitus online now

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Do you suffer from Tinnitus ?

  • Try our first-in-class medical device patch for
    lasting relief.
  • Simply stick Antinitus behind the ear for
    proven results.
  • Semi-transparent - designed to be as
    discreet as possible.
  • Order Antinitus today from
    Swedish company Akloma Tinnitus!

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Clinically proven and EU registered, the Antinitus patch is a revolutionary way to treat tinnitus.

Just stick the semi-invisible patches behind your ear for a controlled and effective way to help tackle ringing in the ears. Try the 21-day treatment now!
Advanced Technology

For more than 10 years, Sweden’s Akloma Tinnitus AB has spent great resources finding a treatment for tinnitus. The result is the proprietary Aklo matrix technology found inside every Antinitus patch.

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Clinically Proven

Antinitus is currently registered as a medical device patch within the European Union and has been shown to be clinically effective, safe and registered with the CE mark in the EU.

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24/7 Availability
With the Antinitus online store, you can buy the breakthrough tinnitus treatment product at anytime – and we’ll ship and deliver your medical device patches to your door. Click here to replace the ringing with relief!

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What the doctors say about Antinitus

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Dr. Peter Åhnblad, MD

“The Antinitus patch is a product that can ultimately give tinnitus patients a more lasting relief of their symptoms.”

ENT Senior Consultant Head of Stockholm-Sickla Ear, Nose and Throat Center, Sweden.

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Dr. Michael McNamara, MD

“I have been using the Antinitus patches for my own tinnitus condition and they really produce incredible, lasting results.”

Pioneer of Preventive Medicine and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Monaco.

For the Military

Akloma Tinnitus AB has worked closely with the World Veterans Federation, (WVF), to develop a meaningful treatment for tinnitus. Exposure to explosions, weapon sounds and other loud noises make military members very susceptible to tinnitus. At long last, an effective treatment has arrived for all military personnel and war veterans. Learn more about the long-term relationship between Akloma and the World Veterans Federation here.
Click here for the veterans and military discount


Customer Reviews

<span> , Registered Audiologist, Sickla ENT Centre, Stockholm, Sweden</span>

"As an audiologist and amateur musician I care a great deal about my hearing. Following one particularly loud concert, I was affected by tinnitus. The rushing noise disturbed me throughout every waking hour. An ear, nose and throat specialist suggested that I should try Akloma’s new tinnitus patches. To my surprise and joy, the symptoms improved after a week’s treatment and disappeared entirely after two months. I recommend everyone with tinnitus to try a treatment period with these tinnitus patches"

- Annika Hedenström , Registered Audiologist, Sickla ENT Centre, Stockholm, Sweden